[b]THE DIRECTIVE SUGGESTION OF THE NATIONAL PARK OF THE POLLINO, GATHERED HIM Á. ROTONDA, AFTER HAVING LISTENED TO IL DR. FERDINANDO LAGHI, IN REPRESENTATION OF PHYSICIANS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, ON THE PLANT OF THE MERCURE, YOU/HE/SHE HAS DISCUSSED SOME STATE OF REALIZATION OF THE ACCORD OF PROGRAM PICTURE, ON WHICH HAS REPORTED THE ADVISER ANTONIO SCHIAVELLI. THE AGREEMENT ON WHICH HE IS WORKING WILL OWE’ TO BE SIGNED BY THE TWO REGIONS, BASILICATA È CALABRIA, FROM THE THREE PROVINCES OF POWER, MATERA AND COSENZA AND FROM THE PARK, OVER THAT FROM THE SOCIAL STRENGTHS. THE PARK PROPOSES HIM WHAT CORPORATE BODY OF COORDINATION OF THE ACTIONS TO PLAN AND TO RUN EUROPEAN Á. FINANZIAMENTO. THE FIRST INTENTION IS’ TO INITIAL THE AGREEMENT WITHIN THE END OF THE MONTH OF JULY. THE SUGGESTION HAS, THEN LISTENED TO AN INFORMATIVE ON THE ORGANIC ENDOWMENT OF THE CORPORATE BODY, IT IS ON THE ORGANIZATION OF THE JOB, DEVELOPED BY THE ADVISER ENZO DAMIANO. THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS HAS GIVEN ORDER Á. THE ADVISER DAMIANO DI TO CONTINUE IN THE JOB UNDERTAKEN FOR REALIZING A NEW IT IS MORE’ EFFICIENT ORGANIZATIONAL ORDER OF THE PERSONNEL OF THE CORPORATE BODY PARK. To the Ratification Of the Project ” Gulf Friend ”, Relative Á. the Gulf Of POLICASTRO, Of Which you/they Make Part Three Regions (Basilicata, Calabria is Campania), Three PROVINCIEs (COSENZA, Power È SALERNO) And 67 Communes, And’ Follows The Discussion On the Project Of Maintenance Relative Á. the Griffons, Á. Cura Of the it will Recommend LILIANA Bernardo. The Suggestion has Determined to Continue With The Project Until Á. the End Of the year, Currently Introducing In Nature 20 Of the 27 Kept Griffons In the Aviaries Of ACCLITAMENTO, Á. CIVITA (CS). The Project, Taken care of By the university’ Of URBINO, it will Continue’, Until Á. Dicembre 2008 Also In the activity’ Of MONITORAGGIO. SUBSEQUENTLY SARAH’ THE PARK Á. PROVVEDERE IN HOUSE Á THE MANAGEMENT OF THE PROGRAM OF MAINTENANCE IS Á. VALUTARE WHETHER TO CONTINUE WITH THE INTRODUCTION OF NEW SAMPLES, Á. PATTO THAT THERE ARE THE FINANCIAL RESOURCES. IN EVERY CASE THE SUGGESTION HAS APPRAISED THE PROJECT – THAT UNTIL NOW YOU/HE/SHE HAS NOT GOTTEN THE HOPED RESULTS – AN OPPORTUNITY’ FOR THE PARK, TO USE ONLINE ALSO WITH THE OTHER ITALIAN PROTECTED AREAS. The Board of directors has Also Approved The Program Of the Territorial Coordination For The environment Of the Forest Body Of the State For The year 2008 Relative Mainly’ Á. Spese Of Operation Of the Same Coordination. The Suggestion has finally, Deliberated, Á. the unanimity’, Some Programs Of Activity’ Of the corporate body. particularly, The Program Of Demonstrations Of Events For The year 2008, On Which you/he/she has Reported The Adviser MANOCCIO, For Which I/you/they have Been determined Some Criterions For The disbursement Of Contributions Á. 56 Common Of the Park. The Park has Altogether Hocked Around European 270.000,00. Every Common Until Á. 3.000 Inhabitants it will Have’ A Contribution Of European 3.000,00. From 3.001 Á. 5.000 Inhabitants Sarah’ Corresponded A Contribution Of European 4.000,00. Over 5.000 European Inhabitants 5.000,00 Of Contribution. IN MORE’ AND’ IS ANTICIPATED A PREMIALITA’ FROM ATTRIBUIRE Á. THE COMMUNES THAT ORGANIZE PARTICULARLY IMPORTANT EVENTS FOR THE PROMOTION OF THE PARK. The PREMIALITA’ it will Attribute’ From 0 Á. 5 Points That Correspond To A Contribution That Goes From European 500,00 Á. Euro 10.000,00. Among The Activities’ Approved Also A Series Of Events That The Park has Conceived For 15° Anniversary DELL’ Institution Of the corporate body Park: Sarah’ Inaugurated The New Center Of the Park, Near The Seminar Of Saint Maria Á Rotunda, Sarah’ Celebrated The Party Of the Mountain In the 50° Of His/her Anniversary And He will Develop’ A FORUM Su the Parks Á. Diciassette Years From the Law Picture 394 Of 1991.

The translation is gotten through electronic tools, we excuse there for the errors[/b]

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