The National Park of the Pollino sticks to the European Day of the Parks

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Rotunda (PZ) – May 23 rd 2007
The National Park of the Pollino sticks to the European Day of the Parks developing didactic activity, with its experts, in the schools of Basilicata and Calabria, giving so life to the initiative "Parks in School", promoted by the Office of the environment and Federparchi. To St. Severino Lucano (PZ) and to Frascineto (CS), Thursday 24 May they will be illustrated the activities and the characteristics of the protected area to the young students of the comprehensive Institutes of Francavilla on the Sinni (PZ) and of Frascineto. To the pupils of elementary schools and averages they will be reported the activities that develop him in the natural Parks, their objectives, the reached results. The extraordinary Commissioner of the corporate body Park, on. Domenico Pappaterra, for the occasion, you/he/she has sent the following message to the schools: "And’ for me a great motive for pride to be able to turn to all the pupils of the involved schools and in general to a whole message of regard on the occasion of the European Day of the Parks. The appointment, to which 25 Countries stick, promoted by Europarc, European Federation of the Parks, is celebrated in coincidence with the anniversary of the foundation of the first natural park of the Old Continent, founded in Sweden the 24 May of 1909. The Park of the Pollino has been, founded only instead at the end of last century, but for a long time a great green lung of the South of Italy has been considered. to Have knowledge and awareness than is important to live in a national Park it will serve to do yes that from you, above all, a new and affectionate relationship is born with the environment, because he/she anchors in one century beautiful quant’è our Park can be said."

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